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Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth: She is the daughter of George Singh and Mirtha Calderón. Cristina Sunshine Mother conceived her in 1978 and will be 39 years old this year. According to Forbes, Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth in May 2017 reached $150 Thousand. His parents decided to marry in 1984 when he was six years old. His father, who currently lives in California, is a condition known as dementia, whose brain is banned and begins to fail, leading to death. His father is a drug dealer, often sold in the bar and exported to the back of the United States. Christine Sun’s glorious father, George Jung, has been a snapshot of the news because of prison records, court hearings, drug trafficking and all criminal convictions he has become a part of. This has led to speculation and speculation among friends, family and the public, as well as more questions about his father and his personal life, making gossip and other bad social problems worse. Therefore, it has been in their own lives to keep the secret, rarely appear.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth is $150 Thousand

Full Name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Also known as Kristene Jung
Born  May 22, 1978 (39 years)
Profession Entrepreneur
Brands and Companies BG Apparel and Merchandise
Years active 1999–present
Eye  Brown
Zodiac Cancer
Hair Dirty Blonde
Weight 60 Kgs
Height  5’5
Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth $150 Thousand.
Father George Jung
Height in meters 1.65m
Mother Mirtha Jung
Spouse Romain Karan
Children Athena Romain Karan
Siblings Clara Pearson
the Debut year 2001
Movie Blow

Kristina Sunshine Jung and her fathers were celebrities and stars in US history, Hollywood decided to make a movie in American life in Boston. Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth is $150 THOUSAND. In 2001 the film “Blow”, the character of the drug trafficker was in addition to Johnny Depp, his hobby, his wife and the mother of his daughter Mirtha were Penelope Cruz, but at least he Christina Sun’s daughter was played ten years by Emma Roberts And Jamie Kim. This film inspired his event in real life, but not a perfect description. The father of the prison, once the mother of drug addicts, but also a very clean person, has now spent twenty years. She was primarily for her daughter, Christina Ryan did not swallow the poison and cocaine deep darkness, and she got her hardness, attitude, energy and work ethic from her parents.

Kristina Sunshine Jung is working for BG Apparel, her business is very good, and soon her close family members think she will go to the world, double income. Next to her, not only in the economy to get her own financial resources, but also the reputation of her father, to the right purpose, and with her sister to promote their own brand. Their family relationships are as strong as their financial games. He came back, his family drug culture has improved.

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