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Top 10 Most Expensive Beers In The World

As per the saying by Stephen Beaumont, “Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” Beer is something that is liked and loved by all. Individuals find it relaxing to consume beer in their everyday life. Since it is not heavy on pockets, people spend their money on it easily. But, hold on… That is not the case always. Some beers of the world are not as cheap as one can consider. Below is the list that will demonstrate the top 10 most expensive beers of 2017.

10. Utopias – Samuel Adams (Worth – $0.23 per ml):

Utopias - Samuel Adams

It is an American beverage with 28% volume of alcohol in it. Samuel Adams is in Jamaica Plain. It is ripened in sherry, cognac, scotch, brandy, and bourbon for eighteen years. It has a taste of maple in each batch. The usual method is used for its production. It is delivered at a natural heat and is different to usual beers because this is non-carbonated and is more like sherry. In the list of world’s most expensive beers, it lies in the tenth position. They come in ceramic bottles that look very stylish.

9. BrewDog – Sink The Bismarck (Worth – $0.24 per ml):

BrewDog - Sink The Bismarck

BrewDog is a big name in the beer producing companies. This beer is IPA style. Nazi Germany was the ship on which the name of this beer was kept. Brewdog attacked Schorschbräu. It is the strongest beer on the planet currently. It has 41% alcohol content in its bottle, which is a lot. Individuals consume it in a little quantity because it is four times stronger than other competitors. This is the most expensive beer present in the world with a historic story behind it. Some people also tell regarding this beer to drink it in the spirit sized measures.

8. Schorschbräu – Schorschbock (Worth – $0.84 per ml):

Schorschbräu - Schorschbock

It was first introduced in 2011 with 57.5% alcohol in its preparation. Therefore, this beer is quite hard. The flavor of this beer is smoky and nut-like. It also has a taste of raisins. This beer is at eighth rank among the most expensive beers of the world in 2017. This is as German beer hence difficult to pronounce.

7. Carlsberg Group – Jacobsen Vintage 2008 (Worth – $1.08 per ml):

Carlsberg Group - Jacobsen Vintage 2008

This beer has a very little amount of alcohol in it, i.e., 10.5%. Each year merely 600 bottles were manufactured from the years 2008 to 2010. French and Swedish Oaks vessels are used to store this beer at least for six months. Individuals who taste this beer say that it feels like vanilla and cocoa flavors along with the smell of rope and tar in it. Every jug has a long expiration date and can be consumed for several years. This is the most expensive beer of the globe because Jacobsen Brewhouse produces it, which holds a great fame across the world. It is also a Barley Wine type beer.

6. Cable Car Kriek 2011 by the Lost Abbey (Worth – $1.24 per ml):

Cable Car Kriek 2011 by the Lost Abbey

This popular beer carries 7% alcohol in its bottles. One spends $50 per 750ml bottle of Cable Car Kriek. The year 2011 released this beer and California started its manufacturing. This bottle was auctioned in the Skinners auctions. This is the most expensive beer in America and is at the sixth rank among the top 10 world’s most expensive beers.

5. De Cam/Drie Fonteinen Millennium Geuze 1998 (Worth – $1.25 per ml):

De Cam/Drie Fonteinen Millennium Geuze 1998

This most expensive beer also involves 7% of alcohol by volume in its containers. It is the merchandise of collaboration between De Cam and Drie Fonteinen. This beer was first introduced in 1998 in Belgium. The selling price of this beer in the Skinner auctions was the US $924. They come in 750ml per bottle.

4. Brewdog – The End of History (Worth – $2.20 per ml):

Brewdog - The End of History

This is the most brutal beer ever, which uses sacrifice of innocent animals such as squirrels, hare, and stoats. The bottles of The End of History are made from these animals. Only twelve bottles are manufactured every year. Therefore, it was difficult to avail it the majority of times. It has 55% alcohol in it, which makes it quite strong to drink. Nettles along with the juniper berries are used in its preparation. This most expensive beer is then stored in a chill place to let people enjoy its stable feel.

3. Cantillon Loerik 1998 (Worth – $3.45 per ml):

Cantillon Loerik 1998

It has a 5% content of alcohol in it. It is the rare production of 1998. It is now 20 years old. This most expensive beer comes in top 3 most expensive beers in the world. In April 2014 it was sold at $2,584 in the Auctions of Skinner. Cantillon Loerik 1998 is served at $3.45 per ml currently.

2. Antarctic Nail Ale by the Nail Brewing (Worth – $3.61 per ml):

Antarctic Nail Ale by the Nail Brewing

In the city of Australia, Perth; this most expensive beer is produced with Antarctic ice in it. Liquefaction of this ice is performed in Tasmania and is then transferred to Perth for further processing. Sea Shepherd Management Society takes all the income of the Nail Brewing Antarctic Nail Ale. This beer is perfect for the wealthy people. It has 10% of alcohol by volume in its bottles.

1. Arctic Ale by the Allsopp (Worth – $504,200):

Arctic Ale by the Allsopp

This is by far the most expensive beer of 2017, which was first sold on eBay at an exceptionally low cost, US $305. It is not safe to consume since it belonged to Antarctic journey in 1875. It got 157 offers on eBay after the correction of the spelling of its name. 56 uncommon bidders asked about it; eBay Auction later sold it for the US $504,200! This brew is first place in this most costly lagers list. It has alcohol of 12.3% by volume.

So! This was the list of the world’s most expensive beers of 2017. Each of the beers holds a history of its production. They are consumed mostly at special occasions or by wealthy people.

Top 10 Most Expensive Beers in the World

1 Arctic Ale by the Allsopp (Worth – $504,200)
2 Antarctic Nail Ale by the Nail Brewing (Worth – $3.61 per ml)
3 Cantillon Loerik 1998 (Worth – $3.45 per ml)
4 Brewdog – The End of History (Worth – $2.20 per ml)
5 De Cam/Drie Fonteinen Millennium Gueuze 1998 (Worth – $1.25 per ml)
6 Cable Car Kriek 2011 by the Lost Abbey (Worth – $1.24 per ml)
7 Carlsberg Group – Jacobsen Vintage 2008 (Worth – $1.08 per ml)
8 Schorschbräu – Schorschbock (Worth – $0.84 per ml)
9 Brewdog – Sink The Bismarck (Worth – $0.24 per ml)
10 Utopias – Samuel Adams (Worth – $0.23 per ml)


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