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Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

Shoes have been found as an essential part of the individuals’ life. They have now been transformed from a piece of necessity to a portion of luxury. Shoes appear in various sizes and styles over a passage of time. Fashion has performed a vital part in the evolution of a shoe.

Shoes have been categorized into several types such as sports, casual and formal shoes (lace-less and laced). 2017 has come up with the new glamor and excellent fashion sense. Designers across the globe have been working on creating the beautiful yet comfortable duos of footwear. Each expensive shoe comprises of the pure stuff, which acts as the reason for its costly attribute. Celebrities are attracted to purchase shoes at elevated prices since it helps in enhancing their personality. The following list would be useful to get familiar with the top ten most expensive shoes in the world.

10. Nizam Sikandar Jah Shoes (Value – $1, 60, 000):

Nizam Sikandar Jah Shoes

These shoes belonged to the attire of the Nizam of Hyderabad popularly known as Sikandar Jah. Emeralds, diamonds, and rubies were utilized to design this pair of footwear back in 18th century. Embroidery on these most expensive shoes ever was performed with threads of gold. Museum in Toronto, the city of Canada; displays these shoes as the souvenir of India’s rich history. It was revealed that these shoes became the victim of theft once; however, recovered later.

9. Katherine Wilson’s Pumps (Value – $4, 18, 450):

Katherine Wilson’s Pumps

These graceful pumps are the product of the charity auction inspired by the glass shoes worn by Cinderella. These most expensive shoes in the world were exclusively designed by a New Zealand designer Katherine Wilson.

It has been evaluated that a designer spent fifty hours to give these pumps a perfect look. Therefore, these pumps turned out to be more stunning than sketching. In an auction, these diamond studded shoes were sold out for $400,000.

8. Diamond Dream Stilettos (Value – $500, 000):

Diamond Dream Stilettos

1420 diamonds were embedded to create these handmade dream stilettos by Stuart Weitzman. They have been found worthy of attention since they appear to be most beautiful and have already won millions of heart.

Anika Noni Rose (America’s famous actress and singer) had put these valuable stilettos in the year 2007 at Academy Awards. It will not be wrong to call these dream stilettos the most expensive shoes in the world; both in beauty and worth.

7. Ruby Slippers (Value – $6, 12, 000):

Ruby Slippers

The beautiful red slippers covered with sequins looking touch have been worn by a character Dorothy in the renowned movie ‘Wizard of Oz.’ These shoes were entitled as the most attracting shoe at the auction recently. Young girls find these red ruby shoes quite inspiring, which has raised the value of these world’s most expensive shoes even more.

6. Retro Rose Pumps (Value – $1 Million each):

Retro Rose Pumps

Stuart Weitzman is famous for designing another brilliant looking ‘Marilyn Monroe Shoes,’ which followed the 1940s Hollywood attire styles. 1800 diamonds blended with the gold threads along with the beautiful rose on its top turned this pair of the shoe into the most interesting looking shoes.

Regina King initially tried These shoes in the Oscars 2005. Although Cody Diablo only rejected them, they fall under the category of the most expensive shoes of the year 2017.

5. Platinum Guild Stilettos (Value – $1.9 Million):

Platinum Guild Stilettos

This work of art arrives with a twirl, through the creator. Straps that are adorned with this pair of footwear can be removed and put on as a necklace too. These most expensive shoes polished the silky feet of the most seductive Mexican-American actress Laura Harring by adding major value to it. These stilettos by Stuart Weitzman lie among the class of world’s most expensive shoes ever. 464 Kwiat diamonds were studded in the fabric of these platinum guild stilettos along with the platinum threads.

4. Tanzanite Heels (Value – $2 Million):

Tanzanite Heels

Tanzanite heels as with a name shows, designed with the diamond and tanzanite crystals with the silver leather coating. The design imitates simplicity with the hint of luxury. Eddie Le Vian and Stuart Weitzman created this gorgeous duo of sandals that drew the attention of the majority of individuals. 28 karat diamonds were decked to give the front look of these most expensive shoes ever; whereas 200 karats of Tanzanite jewels and 16 karats of other gems were studded at the back strap of the heels. Unfortunately, no big name graced the heels at the Oscars.

3. Cinderella Slippers (Value – $2 Million):

Cinderella Slippers

The slippers entitled as the Cinderella Slippers utterly designed by Stuart Weitzman were worn by the flawless feet of Alison Maria Krauss (American bluegrass-country singer). One of the most expensive shoes in the world known as Cinderella Shoes were decorated with 565 Kwiat diamonds and the Italian leather coating. Ankle straps were made of lace-like pattern turning it into the most stipulating heels.

2. Rita Hayworth Heels (Value – $3 Million):

Rita Hayworth Heels

Rita Hayworth was selected as the most suitable person to grace this pair of Rita Heels. The most expensive shoes were comprised of the earrings of the Hollywood legend herself. This pair of shoes is one of a kind.

The shoes owned the chocolate brown shade of satin flower pictured between the rubies and sapphires showcasing the importance of Rita Hayworth Heels. This footwear is now under the authority of the actress’s very own daughter.

1. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers (Value – $3.01 Million):

Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Recreation of Ruby slippers was performed after the fifty years of its initial most creation at the movie ‘Wizard of Oz.’ These world’s most expensive shoes were designed by the famous designer Harry Winston. Ruby Slippers utilized 50 karat diamonds and 4600 rubies.

A standout amongst the most fantastic combination of sparkling shoes staggered each wealthiest identity when it was flaunted at the “Place of the Harry Winston, US” but its immense cost stunned every individual as was labeled to be a US$3 Million. It was exceptionally intended for one of the successions of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ which hit silver screens all inclusive in 1939.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes In The World

1 Harry Winston Ruby Slippers
2 Rita Hayworth Heels
3 Cinderella Slippers
4 Tanzanite Heels
5 Platinum Guild Stilettos
6 Retro Rose Pumps
7 Ruby Slippers
8 Diamond Dream Stilettos
9 Katherine Wilson’s Pumps
10 Nizam Sikandar Jah Shoes
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