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Top 10 Richest people in Italy

01 – Maria Franca Fissolo

Maria Franca Fissolo

She is an Italian businesswoman. According to Forbes, Maria Franca Fissolo net worth in March 2017 reached $25.2 Billion, and the first position in this list of richest people in Italy. She died in February of 2015. She is formed by brands like Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Mon Cheri, Kinder Chocolate, Kinder Eggs and Tic Tacs. Maria and Michele joined the joint managing director of Peter Pietro and Pietro and Giovanni in 1987, with two children. Petro died in 2011. Giovanni currently leads Ferraro HEALTH SPA, which has more than 70 subsidiaries with 15 production plants and 22,000 employees worldwide. For every 100 hazelnuts in the world, 15 of them will eventually become Ferrero products. Despite its size, the company and its owner are understood as real secrets as well as exclusive people. In fact, they are very private and are rare in public. Ferrero’s father, Petro, began building a laboratory during World War II, supplying his partner’s pastry shop and developing the Nutella spread due to the distribution of cocoa in the area. With some minor changes, Pietro will carry out the ideal products we now call Nutella at some point. The early version had a texture that also made up something like a piece of bread, not something you would expect, and today was often spread on bread. In the end, Petro has the ability to fully control the formula, for its products to provide a more refined structure. Today’s business earns more than $ 11 billion a year. When David Rockefeller died on March 20, 2017, Maria Franca Fissolo became the world’s oldest billionaire at the age of 99.

02 – Leonardo Del Vecchio

Leonardo Del Vecchio

He is an Italian businessman, owner, and president of the Luxottica group. According to Forbes, Leonardo Del Vecchio net worth in March 2017 reached $17.9 Billion, and the second position in this list of richest people in Italy. The group is the largest manufacturer in the world, also a supplier of glasses, a total of 77,734 employees, and more than 7,000 stores.

03 – Stefano Pessina

Stefano Pessina

He is an Italian entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Stefano Pessina net worth in March 2017 reached $13.9 Billion, and the third position in this list of richest people in Italy. He was a former nuclear designer, who controlled his family’s wholesale pharmaceutical business, Naples, in 1977, and eventually became the Union UniChem Group. In 2006, the group combined with the boots team of the UK pharmaceutical chain formed the Union boots today. A year later, he finally became CEO, since then, in fact, he is doing it. The alliance boots were privately invested at $ 22 billion in the same year and were responsible for funding the leading international investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR). Partner boots in September 2012 with China’s fifth largest pharmaceutical wholesalers Nanjing pharmaceutical companies to establish a key partnership. In addition to serving as executive chairman of the association, Pessina remained on the Board of Directors and Walgreen’s Consumer Goods Seminar. Since March 2013, he has been known as the sixth richest man in Italy.

04 – Massimiliana Landini Aleotti

Massimiliana Landini Aleotti

She is an Italian businesswoman. According to Forbes, Massimiliana Landini Aleotti net worth in March 2017 reached $10 Billion, and the fourth position in this list of richest people in Italy. She is the legacy of her partner Alberto Aleotti, who died in 2014. She and her three children have acquired the pharmaceutical products among the main Italian pharmaceutical companies, Menarini, and it has 14 factories worldwide. In 2014, the company’s profit reached $ 3.8 billion. Alberto began operating in Menarini in 1964 and acquired the company in the early nineties. When his health began to diminish, he handed the rope to his daughter Lucia. His son Alberto Giovanni eventually became vice president. Massimiliana, Lucia, and Alberto were charged with taxing $ 160 million for Italian authorities in 2013.

05 – Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

He is the former Italian head of state, business owners, and media giants. According to Forbes, Silvio Berlusconi net worth in March 2017 reached $7 Billion, and the fifth position in this list of richest people in Italy.  On September 29, 1936, in Milan, Italy, he was only one of the first post-war Prime Ministers in Italy and was also generally recognized as a convicted person and convicted tax evasion. He is the owner of the Italian soccer club A.C. Milan, and remain in Italy, “the oldest playboy”, who will be 76 years old to capture the title. The rise of this Teflon political leader is worthy of Hollywood script. Young middle-class families, young and flexible Berlusconi, who reviewed the legislation in Milan and served as a cruiser and club singer. After effectively protecting the microfinance of a local financial institution, he oversees the construction and construction of small projects in Milan, as well as the subsequent “Milan 2” and 4,000 at home in eastern Milan. Berlusconi first entered the media in 1973, set up a cable company called Telemilano. In the near future, it began to collect a large amount of money through Fininvest, maintaining its stake in Mediaset, Italy’s largest media business; The business of economic solutions of Mediolanum by the Italian billionaire Ennio Doris; Mondadori, one of the largest houses in Italy;, Filmmakers and AC Milan, when Berlusconi in 1986 bought the jersey, which is almost an immature football club. In 1993, Berlusconi appeared initially on the political stage of the election of the Prime Minister, its newly formed political celebration of Italy Fausta Italia). In view of this, he served four times from 1994 to 1995, 2001 to 2006, 2008 to 2011, the Italian head of state. Prime Minister’s office for a total of nine years, Berlusconi is the third long service, because after the reunification of Italy, Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Giorgi (Giovanni Giolitti). As for his private life, he has two marriages of five children. Berlusconi’s three young people have been living on major Find vest blogs.

06 – Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

He is an Italian stylist. According to Forbes, Giorgio Armani net worth in March 2017 reached $6.6 Billion, and the sixth position in this list of richest people in Italy. In Italy Piacenza, George Armani is known for his excellent game of men. Its popularity reached a new height in the 1980s, when the “adaptive power” of its men began to appear in the series of stars of Miami, just as in 1980 the Gigolo of the United States reappeared. Armani first introduced his empire service in the mid-1970s, and also grew significantly. Members of the Armani family come from a simple beginning and experience the challenge of World War II. Armani at the time of creating a combination of interest, “making dolls hidden in the ground of coffee beans,” Armani told the Guardian. His obsession with the image of the human body led to a two-year clinical study at the Piacenza College. After completing the Armed Forces, he went to give up the University of La Rinascente. He then signed with Nino Cerruti’s team as a developer. With the support of his partner Sergio Galeotti, Armani started working independently for other companies. Armani and Galeotti became organizers, founded in July 1975, Giorgio Armani S.p.A., and launched a number of women as well as men’s clothing.

07 – Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti

Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti

Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti is the Italian millionaire brothers and sisters. According to Forbes, Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti net worth in March 2017 reached $5.8 Billion and the seventh position in this list of richest people in Italy.

08 – Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca

Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca

Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca is the Italian billionaire brother. According to Forbes, Paolo & Gianfelice Mario Rocca net worth in March 2017 reached $4.4 Billion and the eighth position in this list of richest people in Italy. Brothers and sisters inherited the shares of their father, the Italian Techint group, which has operations in many areas including engineering, steel, oil, mining and natural gas, factories, and health. His father Roberto Rocca (Roberto Rocca) had three children, but in 2001 the plane crash, lost his oldest son Agostino, his wealth in Paul and Jain Phillips Between the separation. Due to their risk at Techint, the brothers control the Argentine company Ternium and Tenaris, the world’s leading manufacturer of smooth steel pipes. Paul’s young people are the president of both companies. While his brother and sister, Gianfelice, as a healthcare business in Italy, he is a citizen, as a humanitarian president. In March 2013, Paul and Gianfelice were known as the wealthy eighteenth-century Italians.

09 – Giuseppe De’Longhi

Giuseppe De'Longhi

He is an Italian entrepreneur. According to Forbes, Giuseppe De’Longhi net worth in March 2017 reached $3.8 Billion, and the ninth position in this list of richest people in Italy. The position of Giuseppe De’Longhi in the world’s billionaires is guaranteed, thanks to the majority of his appliances De’Longhi MEDSPA. The company was founded in 1902 and the company has moved from a nearby supplier of household heating parts in Treviso, Italy, to a wide range of services around the world, with a market value close to 2.9 billion dollars. Giuseppe de Longji holds a degree in business economics from the University of Venice, University of Costa Rica, where he and his company are trademarks of a series of automatic espresso and coffee machines. Today he is president of the De Long Health Equipment Board, and his son Fabio is the CEO of the company.

10 – Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada

She is Italian designer. According to Forbes, Miuccia Prada net worth in March 2017 reached $3.2 Billion, and the tenth position in this list of richest people in Italy. Prada brothers and sisters (Prada) brothers and sisters (Prada) brothers and sisters in 1978, took over the family-owned luxury goods manufacturers. He began to make Pocono waterproof backpacks. She met her husband and service partner Patrizio Bertelli, and also dominated the family members business. She and her partner Patrizio Bertelli took over the family-owned luxury goods manufacturer in 1978. Since then, they have become a fashion guru, won by Jil Sander, Helmut Lang and shoemaker Church & Co. “Prada Currently has 250 global searches global She is totally responsible for the choice of the company’s imagination, she said Her choice is mainly based on instinct, it is reported that she is too picky for every detail of the distribution, in 1985, her first time When he designed a black, carefully turned into a coup, became a hit, he made And presented his early women’s clothing line, which was well-known in 1989, and then introduced to his men in 1995. Miu was nominated In 1992 as an inexpensive Miuccia costume for personal clothing and etiquette, 1993 Year was awarded the International Committee of Honor of the United States.

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