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Sarah Winchester Net Worth

Sarah Winchester Net WorthSarah Winchester Net Worth: Sarah Winchester is a model and actor. Sarah Winchester was born 1840 in New Haven, CT. According to Forbes, Sarah Winchester Net Worth is $15 Million. Famous for ordering the construction of a unique California estate known as the Winchester Mystery House, she oversaw four decades of continuous additions to the mansion because she believed her family was cursed and took the word of a psychic medium that tragedy would ensue if the labyrinthine home was ever completed. Although Winchester’s biographer disputes the claim, legend holds it that, due to Winchester’s obsession with the number thirteen, many architectural features of the Winchester Mystery House (such as bathrooms, windows, etc.) were constructed in numbers or clusters of thirteen. Upon her husband’s death of tuberculosis in early 1881, she was given ownership of half of the Winchester Company, meaning that she lived on approximately one thousand dollars per day (which, in 2015, would equal close to 25,000 dollars a day). Like Winchester’s father-in-law, Oliver Winchester, railway and shipping mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt amassed enough wealth through his business pursuits to fund his descendants’ construction of magnificent estates that later served as tourist attractions. Vanderbilt’s son, George Washington Vanderbilt II, oversaw the construction of the famous Biltmore Estate in the late 1880s and early 1890s.

Sarah Winchester Net Worth is $15 Million

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