'High Degree of Confidence' Gaza Hospital Strike Caused by 'Errant Rocket' According to DND

(Image via CPAC.)

Federal Defence Minister Bill Blair issued a statement this weekend indicating that there is “a high degree of confidence” that a strike on a hospital in Gaza City where people were sheltering was caused by an “errant rocket” fired from the Gaza strip.

National Defence made the statement based on what it says is analysis of open source and classified reports, and damage to the hospital complex, and buildings surrounding the hospital, as well as the flight pattern of incoming munition.

Hamas had blamed Israel for the strike, while US President Joe Biden last week indicated that “the other team” was likely responsible in comments he made during a visit with Israeli President Benjamin Netenyaho in Tel Aviv. A deliberate strike on a hospital would violate international law. The UN has called for an independent investigation.

The death toll ranges from a few dozen according to Israeli officials, and more than 400 according to Hamas.

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