Search and Rescue Team Locates Pair Stranded Outside Overnight in Labrador West

A happy ending to a tricky situation in Labrador West involving two people who got stuck in a bog and had to spend a long night in the elements.

Labrador West Search and Rescue were called Sunday morning after the pair’s Argo broke down, and they had to spend the night outdoors.

While they were doing okay and had lit a fire to keep themselves warm, they called for help to get out of the quagmire.

Team members got to the scene and managed to free the Argo, and carried the two to Fraggle Rock to warm up.

Colin Vardy was one of those rescued. He says he and his friend were on an Argo ride, but encountered “brutal and unexpected terrain” which eventually led to the breakdown of their machine. They managed to “limp along” for about 10 kilometres in hopes of reaching a chalet where they would call for help, but within a kilometre of the building, they broke through the frozen bog and got stuck.

That’s when they called in the experts to get them out.

He says he was delighted, if not a bit sheepish, when the rescuers arrived. He offered his thanks for their help and in a lengthy post on Facebook, outlined some of the important lessons learned through the experience. That includes having a GPS communicator when venturing off the beaten path, and having a life-long friend with him during the ordeal on whom he could rely.

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