Local Photographer Reminds Public Not to Feed Foxes Amidst Surge in Viral Photo

Photographer Chelsey Lawrence – Foxes on Signal Hill

A photo capturing foxes playing atop Signal Hill is being widely shared on social media once again.

Photographer Chelsey Lawrence captured the photo of the orange and black grey coloured foxes playing with the landmark in the background early in the morning last May.

Since then, the photo has been widely shared every time it has been posted, with the latest being earlier this week.

Lawrence describes the photo as her “wow, I can’t believe I got that” shot.

She says the foxes had a case of the “zoomies” and were running wildly around the parking lot, before they stopped right where she wanted them to wrestle, before running off again. She says she had a three to four second window to get the “incredibly lucky” shot.

Lawrence, who has a Masters in Biology and specialized in Ecology and Conservation, says that every time she shares the photo, she includes a disclaimer not to feed the wildlife.

She says even though they are in a highly-trafficked area, admire them from afar and do not feed them, as a “fed fox is a dead fox”.

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