Health Canada Urges Routine Radon Testing for Homeowners

Photo via Canadian Cancer Society.

Health Canada is urging homeowners to make radon testing a routine part of their upkeeping duties.

Radon is a natural gas sometimes found in indoor spaces that can cause serious health issues, including lung cancer.

Health Canada says over 3,000 Canadians die as a result of radon-induced lung cancer each year.

Kelly Bush, Manager of Radon Outreach with Health Canada, says the test is simple, but often goes by the wayside for many.


She says DIY test kits can be purchased for around $30-$60 each, or you can hire someone to do the test for you. The test must be done over the duration of at least three months to get a true reading of radon levels.

If your home has high radon levels, Bush says it’s possible to lower them significantly.

A radon reduction system can be installed by a professional or even by the homeowner. The system is proven to reduce radon levels by up to 90 per cent.

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