Burgeo-LaPoile MHA Upset With Scotiabank Decision to Close Buildings Across Province

(Andrew Parsons)

The MHA for Burgeo-LaPoile says he’s in solutions mode after learning that the Scotiabank in Burgeo is one of seven across the province slated for closure.

Once the building shuts down, the closest face-to-face banking services for Scotiabank customers will be in Stephenville and hour or so drive away.

Andrew Parsons says he was upset when he heard the news, knowing the impact on area residents and local business, and he’s looking at possible solutions, whether that means attracting other institutions to the community or maintaining an instant teller in a convenient location.

“I had a good conversation with Scotiabank yesterday, I think they’re still working on that.”

Advocate Calls for Politicians to Speak Up

(Scotiabank in Bonavista via Google Maps)

A community activist in Notre Dame Bay wants to hear from politicians on the reduction of financial services in towns around the island, mostly in rural areas.

Lewisporte is among the towns destined to be without the physical presence of Scotiabank by the end of next summer.

Rev. Art Elliott, a former president of the local chamber of commerce, has written federal cabinet minister Gudie Hutchings seeking her input. Rev. Elliott also says provincial politicians should chime in.

He says government has been very quiet except for what Andrew Parsons said on VOCM Open Line this morning. He says government will be judged on whether they stood up for the people of Newfoundland an Labrador ort whether they washed their hands of it.

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