Charitable Organization Getting Little Traction From Government on Housing Plan

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A charitable organization in St. John’s has a concept plan which would open up between seven and ten units, but says it is getting absolutely nowhere with anybody in the federal or provincial government.

The HUB on Merrymeeting Road, right in the centre of the city and on the edge of downtown, has approached MHAs, MPs, federal and provincial cabinet ministers, the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation and others about the idea, but so far no takers.

The HUB has space for seven bedsitting rooms at first, and possibly three one-bedroom apartments later.

Executive Director Tom Badcock says the City of St. John’s responded with $10,000, which is now in the bank, but NL Housing told him that they have no money. Few politicians have even responded.

It’s frustrating for him when he sees people living underneath the ramp at the HUB.

“Tell me something—tell me to suck eggs or go crawl in to a hole, I don’t care. Just tell me something.” Badcock adds that they’re not out to make a fortune and that the HUB would provide nice housing for some people.

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