Civic Leader: Whitbourne Area No Further Ahead After Clinic Changed to Urgent Care

A civic leader in the Whitbourne-Trinity South area says they are no further ahead on the health front with the medical clinic now than they were a year ago.

The provincial government redesignated the Newhook Clinic from a 24/7 emergency operation to an urgent care facility with a plan to attract doctors. The hours of operation are irregular.

Andrew Pretty says they were promised regular meetings and updates with NL Health Services when the urgent care facility was set up. He says it has been about four months since they last met and that it seems all communication between community and NL Health has ceased as he did not receive an answer to his most recent request for a meeting.

“This has all fallen by the wayside now in the past three or four months, which confirms my earlier suspicions that this was a stall tactic to keep us quiet,” says Pretty.

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