Coast Guard to Crack Down on Abandoned Vessels

Since 2019, leaving your boat behind in Canada has been against the law and the Canadian government is now doing more to deal with the problem through the Oceans Protection Plan.

Ottawa has said that the Canadian Coast Guard will deal with owners of dangerous boats or wrecks. This means they can better handle problem boats and make sure that owners who don’t follow the rules are held accountable.

Annie Verville, Director of Compliance and Enforcement with the Canadian Coast Guard, says they have a registry of such vessels, which they regularly update.

Verville says abandoned vessels can pose a threat in numerous ways.

They can be a health hazard to people enjoying the beach, can pose a threat to the local fishing community or can be a marine hazard.

Penalties range from a maximum of $50,000 for individuals to $250,000 for companies. The amount depends on several factors including an owner’s history and the severity of he hazard.

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