Court Case Over Largest Offshore Oil Spill in NL History Proceeding After Repeated Delays

The court case involving the largest offshore oll spill in the province’s history is finally coming to a resolution, five years after It happened.

The incident occurred on November 16 of 2018 and involved the SeaRose FPSO.

An estimated 250,000 litres of oil escaped into the ocean due to a leak in a flow line connected to the massive vessel.

At the time, crews were trying to restart production which had been halted after rough weather the day before.

Husky Energy, which has since been acquired by Cenovus, was charged with six counts in total, including breaches of the Atlantic Accord Act, fisheries regulations and the Migratory Birds Act.

Prosecutors have said they can’t recall a larger spill coming before the courts in this province.

The case has been repeatedly delayed since charges were first laid two years ago. But in provincial court this morning, a lawyer for Husky announced they’ll be proceeding by speedy disposition.

That means, one way or the other, the case will be resolved on February 28 of next year, likely with some charges withdrawn in exchange for guilty pleas to others.

Four months before this incident, Husky was fined $600,000 after a separate spill in Saskatchewan.

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