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Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth

Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth

Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth: Ernie Brown Jr is an American reality television star and Producer. According to Forbes, Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth in May 2017 reached $150 Thousand. Ernie Brown spent a lot of time exploring the woods and swamps around his house. When he was seven years old, he took his first turtle and, when he was seventeen, he had seized the largest tortoise known as the “Loch Ness Turtle” The tortoise weighs 55 pounds. Ernie Brown then continued to do some work, such as building and squeezing the work of the cow, and then decided to return to his first love for animal labor. Ernie Brown did the cause, the man took the turtles. It has so far captured more than 12,000 people. Ernie Brown was injured several times and believed to catch about 300 turtles every year. He is one of the popular series of “Animal Planet” Wildman phones.

Ernie Brown Jr Net Worth is $150 THOUSAND

Full Name Call of the Wildman
Date Of Birth 1976
Profession  Producer,
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality N/A

Ernie Brown Jr earns about $ 27,000 each. There are rumors that the plan’s budget was initially only $ 100,000. He put so much money into this reality. Its net worth of $ 1 million.

Ernie Brown Jr is the fan of the nickname “Turtleman” man. He was only seven years old to catch his first turtle. Childhood is the love of the animal and love, decided to become an animal rescue. He has the ability to protect the animals and capture them themselves. He is an animal lover, save the animal and move it to a safer place.

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