Extensive Collection of Newfoundlandia Up for Auction

It’s believed to be one of the most significant collections of Newfoundlandia ever to come up for public auction.

O’Dea Realty and Auction House is teaming up with Bartlett’s Auctions in the presentation of hundreds of paintings, maps, archival material and other pieces from the estate of the late Thomas Munn.

The pieces, which span about 200 years of Newfoundland fishing and sealing history, are mostly connected to the Munn Family of Harbour Grace and the Munden Family of Brigus.

Chris O’Dea says among the pieces is a flint and steel sealing rifle owned by Azariah Munden.

The initials AZM are carved into the stock along with the name of the ship SS Vanguard. The barrel of the rifle is approximately six feet long and would likely have rested on the gunnel of a boat while the hunter was taking aim at a seal or sea birds.

Another interesting and unusual piece involves a printed portrait of Richard Brothers and some of his papers. Born in Placentia Bay, Brothers left military service in the late 1790s and founded his own religion. O’Dea says he ended up in England and was eventually arrested for treason and committed to an asylum.

O’Dea says available information indicates he was “put away” for his extreme religious beliefs.

The collection also includes a volume of very rare Royal Gazette newspapers from the early 1800s, various historic maps including some by James Cooke, and an elaborately hand crafted folding chair from Syria.

Online pre-bidding is now underway and viewings are available Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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