Faculty Association Says MUN Administration Spending Undermines University's Purpose

The organization which represents faculty at Memorial University is saying “We told you so” after the release of the Auditor General’s report on what many see as lavish spending by the higher-ups at MUN.

For the 29 management positions examined, Memorial paid base salaries that averaged $130,043—higher than the overall average of $118,512 for the National University Sector Benchmark.

Memorial’s executive leave entitlement potentially totaled up to 95 paid leave days annually, or 37 per cent of total working days.

(Vianne Timmons File photo.)

Then-President Vianne Timmons chalked up one night in a hotel in Harlow, England for $801.

MUNFA has been critical of the governance structure of Memorial for years. President Josh Lepawsky says the administrative bloat has been worsening over the years all the while the university was cutting core programming.

He says what the university was meant to deliver—methodical research and excellent teaching—was being undermined because the money meant for that was being used to fund the upper administration bloat.

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