Rumours are swirling that a well-known former journalist, now turned political staffer, will be running in the Conception Bay East-Bell Island by-election.

Fred Hutton had a three decade long career in journalism, working in every major broadcast newsroom in the province, including two stints at VOCM as both News Director and morning show co-host.

In June of 2020, Hutton left journalism for career in the political world, joining then-Liberal leadership candidate Andrew Furey’s team as he campaigned to become Premier.

Last week, MHA David Brazil announced that he will be stepping away from politics on December 29, and rumours have been circulating that Hutton will be the Liberal candidate for the ensuing by-election.

Premier Furey was coy about who their potential candidate could be, stating that he “wouldn’t be disappointed if someone who was in this room in a different capacity chose to advance his or her name,” later adding that reporters can “read into it what you’d like.”

PC Leader Tony Wakeham however, was not coy about what he’s been hearing.

“It’s Fred! Fred Hutton, that’s who’s going to run for the Liberals,” states Wakeham, who notes that they’ve already had a fundraiser for him and that he’ll be on Bell Island Monday to meet with the council.

Both Wakeham and NDP leader Jim Dinn say they’ll have candidates ready for the eventual by-election, but would not tip their hats as to who they’re considering.

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