Policy Analyst: Atlantic Canada Positioned to Be Energy Titan

Leveraging offshore wind energy could potentially transform Atlantic Canada into an energy titan.

That’s according to Canadian policy analyst Peter Nicholson, who emphasizes the advantages of offshore wind for the nation in a report by the Public Policy Forum.

The report, “Catching the Wind: How Atlantic Canada Can Become an Energy Superpower”, discusses the worldwide demand for green energy, and Atlantic Canada’s position to fill that need.

Photo via Canadian Climate Institute

Nicholson, Chair of the Board of the Canadian Climate Institute, says the economic impact will be for more than just the construction and infrastructure industry.

He says the areas that are rich in clean energy are going to be attractive to businesses as the economy electrifies.

Nicholson says the biggest question is if the political will is there.

If the dedication is there to reach net zero emissions, then offshore wind has to be a part of it, Nicholson believes.

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