Historic Masonic Temple Serves As the Backdrop to Acclaimed Short Film "Scored By Time"

A historic building in the capital city’s downtown is playing backdrop to a short film in the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival.

“Scored By Time” by filmmaker Nicola Hawkins, tells the story a displaced older woman who struggles to maintain her mental acuity amidst the cruelty of the social order in 19th century Europe. The film was shot entirely in the old Masonic Temple on Cathedral Street, built in the 1890s.

Hawkins says the building inspired much of the filmmaking process.

She says deciding to shoot there set the tone for the film, especially considering the piece of music featured in the film by Johannes Brahms was composed the same year it was built. She says atmospherically it is a period piece.

Scored By Time will be shown at the film festival on October 21.

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