Hundreds of Runners Conquer Grueling Cape to Cabot Race on Sunny Sunday

Cape to Cabot 2023 – VOCM Photo

It was a beautiful morning for a run in the metro.

The annual Cape to Cabot race took place today, with hundreds of runners making the grueling 20 km trek from Cape Spear to Cabot Tower.

Spirits were high and the music pumping at the top of Cabot Tower as bystanders and supporters cheered on runners of all ages.

Ben Colingwood was the overall first place finisher with a whopping time of one hour and 15 minutes. Right on his heels was Anne Johnston, finishing with a time of one hour and twenty three minutes, earning first place for all female runners.

The theme for this year’s run was the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. For more information visit 

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