Jiffy Cabs Owner Raises Questions on Ride-Sharing Regulation

The owner of a St. John’s-based cab company has numerous questions for the provincial government in light of impending changes in legislation which will open the door for ride-sharing services such as Uber.

St. John’s is one of the few major urban areas without such services.

Chris Hollett, the owner of Jiffy Cabs, says the amount of paperwork involved in regulating the industry is astounding. He does it in-house but wonders how ride-sharing companies, who do not operate in an office environment, will do it.

The number of taxi licences is capped and he wonders if similar caps will be in place for ride share vehicles.

The City of St. John’s regulates taxis but the province is going to regulate ride-sharing companies. Hollett says it involves checking driver records, making sure they have insurance, organizing driver training and testing, etc.

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