It was Newfoundland vs Labrador on Family Feud last night.

The defending champions the Woodman family of Dunville, Placentia Bay were toppled by the Martin family of Wabush, Labrador.

The episode was one of the highest-energy gatherings the show has seen in some time.

The Woodman family kept the audience rolling in laughter, including an exchange with contestant Dallas.

The question was ‘Name something that gets you more excited than hanky panky.’ Darrell Martin buzzed in first with ‘exercise’, which failed, when Dallas offered the answer ‘gummies’. What followed was a hilarious exchange with host and comedian Gerry Dee about the gummie party she and her sisters enjoyed the night before.

The Woodmans were ultimately defeated by the Martins of Wabush.

Martin family captain Cordelia Richards, who has her own social media presence on TikTok, says the family had a viewing party last night. She says watching the show was interesting, because she couldn’t remember much of what happened.

She says it was so chaotic and so much happened that she didn’t know what would be edited out and what would air. “Some of the stuff that was said we don’t even remember saying it, but it was really cool to watch it back.”

The Martins will be on the show again tonight as the defending champions.

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