November 5 is Guy Fawkes Night, an occasion recognized in a number of Commonwealth countries, with some large bonfires being held in areas of this province.

Ahead of tonight’s fires, officials are putting out a few safety tips for those who plan to participate.

Government is encouraging people to attend a community-organized fire, but says private fires are permitted as long as there is no burning ban in place.

Anyone having a private fire must also abide by a number of rules and regulations.

Burning of plastic, tires, household garbage, paint products, and used oil is illegal. Flammable liquids or aerosols should not be used to start or enhance flame.

Fires should be set on a gravel base, and kept a safe distance away from trees, structures, or any combustibles.

At the end of the night, the fire should be doused with water or gravel before it is left unattended.

If there are any doubts, residents are asked to contact their local fire department or municipality.

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