Local Play 'It's Up To You' Allows Audience to Choose Their Own Narrative

What would you do if you could chose the narrative of a story?

That’s precisely the opportunity presented to patrons of the upcoming play It’s Up To You, an interactive theatre experience where audiences will be able to, quite literally, choose where the story goes next.

With seven unique endings and a multitude of choices, It’s Up to You, playing at the Barbara Barrett Theatre in St. John’s from October 26-28, is a theatre experience unlike anything seen in this province.

Jarod Farrell, writer/director, shared that the goal was to create something that played with the boundaries of the line between the actor and the audience, akin to an escape room where the audience controls the nature of the narrative.

He says that there are some “out there” concepts audiences can explore, and that making patrons feel that their consequences matter was a key component to the production.

For tickets and more information visit artsandculturecentre.com. 

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