Man Jumps Out of Second Storey Window to Evade Police in St. John's

A man is in hospital after a failed attempt to elude police.

The RNC rushed to Stabb Court in St. John’s after a hang up 911 call just to make sure everything was okay.

While inside the house of the originating call, they saw a man run upstairs. As they were leaving the premises, officers noticed a man lying on the ground screaming in pain. Turns out that he jumped out of a second storey bedroom onto the concrete below in an effort to escape the eyes of police as he was under court order not to be in contact with a resident of the house in question.

The man was charged with breaching his curfew, failure to keep the peace and be of good behavior, breach of a no contact condition with a resident inside the home, and, failure to remain away from the area.

He will appear in court at a later date.

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