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Martin Edwards Net Worth

Martin Edwards Net Worth

Martin Edwards Net Worth: He is an is a Chairman of Manchester United. Martin Edwards was born 24 July 1945 in Adlington, Cheshire, England. According to Forbes, Martin Edwards Net Worth in May 2017 reached $142.5 Million. He was the chairman of Manchester United from 1980 – 2002. Martin Edwards is also the director of Inview Technologies, Inc., a middleware technology company with advanced EPG. July 24, 1945, in the United Kingdom. he was first elected to the Governing Board of Manchester United. So he was the person who took Sir Ferguson to Old Trafford as well as his decision to make a floating football club in 1991. After the club’s IPO, Martin Edwards began selling his shares and produced a total of £ 120 million in the process.

Martin Edwards Net Worth is $142.5 MILLION

Full Name Charles Martin Edwards
Date of Birth July 24, 1945
Profession Chairman of Manchester United
Date of Birth place Adlington, Cheshire, England
Marital Status N/A
Source of Income Football
Star Sign Leo
Nationality British
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