Melanie Joly: "Gaza One of the Worst Places to Be"; Canada Seeks Alternatives for Evacuation

Minister Joly meets with their Jordanian counterpart in Amman. Photo via Melanie Joly Twitter

The federal government is working to get Canadians out of Gaza as the war in Israel intensifies.

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly provided an update on those efforts from Amman, Jordan on Saturday. Ottawa had plans in place to get Canadians in Gaza out of the area at the Rafah border crossing at Egypt, but the mission was cancelled due to violence. Government is now working on other ways to get Canadians out of Gaza, which Joly described as “one of the worst places on Earth to be right now.”

Canada is also working with the Palestinian Authority and Jordan to allow up to 100 Canadians in the West Bank to be bused out of the area.

The number of Canadians confirmed dead in the escalating hostilities has risen to four, while another three remain missing.

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