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Mikhail Gorbachev Net Worth

Mikhail Gorbachev Net WorthMikhail Gorbachev Net Worth: Mikhail Gorbachev is a politician, lawyer. Mikhail Gorbachev was born 2-Mar-31 in Privolnoye, Krasnogvardeysky District. According to Forbes, Mikhail Gorbachev Net Worth is $5 Million. The last leader of the Soviet Union who oversaw the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. His policy of perestroika (“restructuring”) irrevocably changed the path of Russian history. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 for introducing the policy of Glasnost and the Harvey Prize in 1992, among several other honorary doctorates. He worked with combine harvesters on huge farms as a teen. He formed close connections with various Western leaders, including U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Mikhail Gorbachev Net Worth is $5 Million

First Name Mikhail
Middle Name Sergeyevich
Last Name Gorbachev
Another Name Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachyov
Age 86 years
Date of Birth 2nd March, 1931
Place of Birth Privolnoye, Krasnogvardeysky District, Stavropol Krai, Russia
Height 5′ 9″ (175 cm)
Build Average
Eye Brown – Dark
Hair Grey
Distinctive Feature Birth mark
Star Sign Pisces
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Nationality Russian
University Moscow State University
Profession Head of State
Claim to Fame Last Head of State for USSR
Official Web, Central institution membership
1980–1991: Full member, /wiki/25th_Politburo_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/26th_Politburo_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/27th_Politburo_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/28th_Politburo_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union Politburo, 1979–1980: Candidate member, /wiki/25th_Politburo_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union Politburo, 1978–1991: /wiki/25th_Secretariat_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/26th_Secretariat_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/27th_Secretariat_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/28th_Secretariat_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union Secretariat, 1971–1991: Full member, /wiki/Central_Committee_elected_by_the_24th_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/Central_Committee_elected_by_the_25th_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/Central_Committee_elected_by_the_26th_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/Central_Committee_elected_by_the_27th_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union, /wiki/Central_Committee_elected_by_the_28th_Congress_of_the_Communist_Party_of_the_Soviet_Union Central Committee, Other offices held
2001–2004: Chairman, /wiki/Social_Democratic_Party_of_Russia, 1985–1991: Chairman, /w/index.php?title=Defense_Council_(Soviet_Union)&action=edit&redlink=1, 1970–1978: First Secretary, Stavropol Regional Committee
Family Member Raisa Gorbachev (wife)
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