Molson Coors Details Growth, Investments in Decades-Old Brewery

A local brewery is celebrating some significant technological milestones over the last number of years, and this week they opened up their shop to show them off.

What is now the Molson Coors brewery on Circular Road in St. John’s has been in operation since 1893 when it was owned by the Newfoundland Brewery.

Molson Coors took it over in 1962.

The company, which has about 100 employees province-wide, has invested some $33 million in the operation since 2007, the most recent being $10 million for a new bottle washer.

That new system, they say, has resulted in reduced water and electrical consumption, improved efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.

As well, they say various process changes over the last eight years have resulted in 69 per cent less waste being sent to the landfill.

Sean Kennedy, general manager of operations for Atlantic Canada, says the company has had to overcome many challenges in the last few years.

For example, he says they are located in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, so trying to install all of the equipment has been challenging, especially while trying to minimize the impact on neighbours and employees alike.

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