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Top 10 Most Beautiful Horses In The World

The horse is one beautiful creature of God. It possesses multiple qualities such as loyalty, friendly and warrior nature.  Individuals who love animals are usually quite fond of keeping the horse as a pet, while others just prefer them for riding purposes. Horses are the true definition of beauty. They are seen in various colors, sizes, and physiques.

TheHorse is a noble mammal since it offers great services to the mankind. Horses of best breeds are very strong and charming. Other interesting facts about this faithful animal are their high intelligence, swiftness, and their excellent hearing and smelling powers. Pet lovers are always in search of the most beautiful horses. There are multiple types of horses. So, here is a list of top 10 world’s most beautiful horses in terms of their majesty and breed.

10. Haflinger Horse from Austria and Northern Italy:

Haflinger Horse from Austria and Northern Italy

Halflinger is an Austrian horse and is also found in some regions of Northern Italy since the 19th century. It is a warm-blooded horse, who is sound, willing, efficient, sturdy, and strong. This horse is at the 10th position in the list of the most beautiful horses in the world. Halflinger is a multitasking horse, which is utilized for mounted Athletics, universal riding, racing and other working purposes. They come in chestnut shades and are usually small sized. World War I and II preferred these horses for wars mostly because they are small in size and easy to handle. This resulted in a declined breed of Halflingers; they fall in the category of the most beautiful horses in 2017.

9. Marwari Horse from India:

Marwari Horse

Marwar region of India grows these beautiful looking horses. They appear to be rare and they are famous for its stiffness and upturned ear tips. They signify equine colored horses and they are more like that of Arabian Horses. They are hard as iron and hence called as cavalry horses. Sportsmen use these horses for sports mostly. Currently, these horses provide services such as riding, packing, and farm working. Their demands are high and supply is low. They are the most beautiful horses in the world defining gentleness and charm.

8. Andalusian Horse from Spain:

 Andalusian Horse

This horse belongs to Spain and also to Kings. This is referred to as a Spanish horse because its breed belonged to The Iberian Peninsula. It is actually a warrior horse with significant qualities. It is sometimes consumed as means of diplomacy by the Spanish government. Restrictions were made on the export of these horses back in the year 1960. Despite the fact that this horse was restricted, it has spread across the globe. In 2010, more than 185,000 of these most beautiful horses were registered.

7. Mustang from North America:


Mustang is the horse, which belongs to the North American region. It is a free-roaming horse. People from Spain brought this beautiful horse from North America for the first time. These horses were mostly used for domestic purposes formerly, but now they are referred to as wild horses. These are untamed horses now but are extremely gorgeous looking. They have minimum 1.3 m to maximum 1.5 m height. They fall at the seventh position in the catalog of top 10 most beautiful horses of the globe.

6. Dalmatian Horse from the United Kingdom:

 Dalmatian Horse

Another name for Dalmatian Horse is British Spotted Pony. It belongs to the United Kingdom since last 25,000 years. This is such an adorable horse breed. They are different in appearance as compared to other breeds and hence easily identifiable. They belong to the top 10 list of most beautiful horses of the world. It is a modern breed with spotted skins.

5. Morgan from the United States:


This dynamic horse belongs to the most beautiful horses of the world in the year 2017. This breed evolved in the United States of America. It appears in several kinds involving variations of pinto. This is purely a Western horse and is very versatile. English disciplines use this horse more frequently as compared to other regions. It was a Coach horse all through the American Civil War. It was also utilized as the cavalry and racing horse. After the foundation of Europe, US and Oceania in 1909, this horse registry was performed.

4. Arabian from Arabian Peninsula:


This is the horse with distinctive features such as a shape of his head and its high tail. Arabian Peninsula grows these most beautiful horses. It is an ancient breed of horse. Wars and trade utilize these Arabian horses. These horses are known for their stamina, elegance, pace and strong bones structures.

3. Friesian horse from the Netherlands:

 Friesian horse

This is the prettiest breed of horses in the entire world. Friesland, Netherlands grows these gorgeous creatures. They are graceful and lively. They bear huge demands in Continental Europe since the middle ages. Currently, they hold great fame across the globe. They acquire the third rank on the listing of the most beautiful horses of 2017. Another identity of these horses is Belgian Black Horse. People are going nuts over purchasing this graceful breed.

2. Gypsy Vanner from Britain:

Gypsy Vanner

These horses were used by Roman civilians to carry their wheeled homes. They are very enchanting. It has long feather-like hair all over its body along with the white, black and double colored skin pattern. Likewise Irish Cob, Tinker horse, and colored cob, these horses are famous for their beauty. These horses are kept as pets too and sometimes used for riding purposes. People of Britain consider these horses as their source of history and pride. They are the most beautiful horses of its breed.

1. The Golden Akhal Teke from Turkmenistan:

The Golden Akhal Teke

This horse tops the list by acquiring 1st rank in the top 10 list of world’s most beautiful horses. They have such beautiful flawless golden coat. It belongs to Turkmenistan. They are tall and graceful. The supermodel is its second name. They grasp an immense reputation worldwide. Individuals admire its characteristics a lot. They are famous for their intellect, fortitude, momentum, and clanging gleam.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Horses In The World

1 The Golden Akhal Teke from Turkmenistan
2 Gypsy Vanner from Britain
3 Friesian horse from the Netherlands
4 Arabian from Arabian Peninsula
5 Morgan from the United States
6 Dalmatian Horse from the United Kingdom
7 Mustang from North America
8 Andalusian Horse from Spain
9 Marwari Horse from India
10 Haflinger Horse from Austria and Northern Italy
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