Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so. Different languages are called beautiful due to various different reasons. A language may be called beautiful due to its sound, or maybe due to its alphabets, can be due to its formation of words. But the best possibility is the way these words are used to describe feelings or other objects.

Different people rate these languages differently due to different reasons. Their difference in ratings may differ due to their own personal preferences or may depend on their exposure or knowledge of different languages. Below is the list of the ten most beautiful languages in the world.

#1. French

French definitely tops the list as it is most beautiful than other languages in the world. It really sounds very pleasant to the ears and is so amazing that people love to learn it. The French language has a lot of sounds in it but when you speak this language your voice will never be high pitched. French is a really smooth and melodious language and it really sounds like music to your ears.

So we see that languages are called beautiful due to various reasons, some sound pleasant to the ears, some may have a beautiful body language while still others may be beautiful written languages.

#2 Italian

This language has a natural flow to it that you do not find in any other language. Italian has the qualities of many other languages e.g.: it has the clarity of Spanish and the sophistication of French. Italian has a lot of vowels in it and it’s so melodious that it becomes pleasant to listen to. It is so lyrical that it has become the language of the Opera which is in itself one of the highest art forms. All this undoubtedly makes it one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

#3 Spanish

A very beautiful language which even appears appealing to those who don’t understand it. Spanish sounds so soothing and lyrical that it sounds like music to your ears. If you hear a good song in Spanish it will make you love the language all the more and on hearing the love songs you will realize how very romantic this language is. The words and the grammar used in this language are quite similar to those used in French so learning this language becomes easier if you know French. All these attributes make Spanish one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

#4 Japanese

Japanese is a very smooth and fast flowing language except for one hitch that its grammar is a bit difficult to understand. Some very good songs and a lot of beautiful music have been composed in this language. It’s a beautiful language to listen to and the words used in it have a unique style of their own.

#5 Arabic

It’s a strong and structured language and the letters and sounds used in this language are very rare. We can find a lot of literature and poetry in Arabic, in fact, Arabic poetry has left a deep impact in the literary circles. Arabic is a classically rich language and has very diverse phonetics. Many words used in other languages have been taken from Arabic. Due to these various qualities, it can easily be said to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

#6 Farsi

Farsi is certainly one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It’s a very soft spoken and calm language where the speaker never has to raise the tone. It sounds really good and for this reason, it plays a major role in the formation of many other languages. This language has been affected by its inhabitants and its environment and for this reason, it is able to cover a wide range of concepts.

#7 German

German can certainly be said to be one of the best languages in the world because this language has a lot of grammar complexity and vocabulary richness in it. Although it’s a greatly underrated language with most people thinking of it to be rough and loud a closer look will tell you that it’s one of the best language in the world to express your feelings perfectly. The intonation and formation of words change completely according to the feelings expressed e.g.: soft words to express love or beauty, strong ones to express loathing or anger.

#8 Chinese

Chinese definitely comes in the list of the most beautiful languages in the world. Looking at the word formation or the sentence construction we might get the impression that it’s quite difficult to learn but once you start learning it pronouncing the words is not really difficult. Chinese is one of the most intelligent languages in the world and has been developed for more than 5000 years.

#9 Finnish

It is a beautiful language which is both pleasant and unique in all its aspects. Its tone is really music to the ears and the words have a wonderful lyrical quality. The uniqueness of the language along with its beauty definitely makes it one of its own kind. Although Finnish is 100% phonetic still it’s quite difficult to learn. Still, if you listen to the Finnish songs they sound pleasant to the ears.

#10 Latin

This beautiful language reflects the magnificence and power of the civilization that spoke it.It’s a brilliant language with a smooth flow to it and it also sounds really good. It’s a laconic, deep, strict and a beautifully structured language. Latin is the language with a rich culture and history of its own and has been spoken by the most civilized nations in the past.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Languages in the World

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