Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the most popular video shooter games. There are two opposing teams that fight with the aid of knives, guns, bombs, and many other weapons. These weapons can look different by changing their skins. Players usually collect these skins from their rivals or sometimes purchase them. These skins cost a huge amount of money. Despite this fact, individuals love to buy these most expensive CSGO Skins and ignore their exceptionally high prices. The most expensive skin in CSGO is M9 Bayonet – Crimson Web, which is worth $5900.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 CSGO most expensive skins of the world in 2018! The following list will be useful for the people who love Counter-Strike.


This most expensive CS: GO skin is of red color with a spider web pattern on it. It has a partial glossy look and hence looks quite classy. M9 Bayonet is mounted on a rifle. It was designed for a combat experience. It throws the web when used. This useful and dangerous weapon costs $5,900. One more quality of this knife is that it is field tested already. Therefore, it is reliable to use and stands at the first position among the most expensive CSGO Skins ever sold.

#2 AK-47 FIRE SERPENT (WORTH – $4,500)

This is the most common weapon of CS. AK-47 is extremely dependable and commanding gun of all. It is extraordinarily accurate in shots and is easily controllable. It emits fire, which makes it the most expensive CSGO skin. It has a painting of a fire serpent on it. While walking down the streets, make sure you carry this fire serpent along with you. It was introduced at the time of Operation Bravo celebrations. If a player dreams of this powerful weapon skin, he should spend $4,500 on it.

#3 M4A4 HOWL (WORTH – $1,830)

Third most expensive CSGO skin is M4A4 – Howl. On June 11, 2014, the skin of this weapon was updated because of art shoplifting. It transformed to Contraband from Covert. It is quite rare to obtain. It has a snarling wolf painting on its body. This wolf motif makes it look very powerful and classy. This rifle skin is from the Huntsman collection, worth $1,830. It is a field-tested CS: GO most expensive skin.


This Covert Sniper Rifle is the fourth most expensive CSGO skin of the world. This weapon belongs to the Cobblestone Collection. It bears a painting of knotwork Dragon on it.  It was introduced at the time of operation Breakout. This dangerous rifle skin costs a player $1,305 minimum. Dragon Lore asks for more than 200 keys to get unlocked. Minimal wear requires 464 keys. This CSGO skin is 4th place on this list of most expensive CSGO skins 2018.


It is a restricted SMG and the Assault collection weapon. Bulldozer is the most expensive CSGO skin, which has a yellow colored spray paint on it and a black handle. This tremendous skin is worth $700. Minimal wear of this skin costs around $19 with battle-scarred price up to $10.  Individuals love this skin for its distinct appearance.


This is a Covert rifle and the sixth most expensive CSGO Skins of 2018. This skin is from rising sun’s collection. It has Field-tested, battle-scarred, minimal wear and well-worn exterior quality options. Its skin has a heat transfer vinyl on it. This vinyl is from anime magazine cover. This cool looking skin costs $689. Akihabara Accept is a very popular skin that is accurate and powerful. This rifle is also from assault rifles, which takes large reload time and is famous for its accurate shots with low spread. It has stickers such as Cologne 2016, ESL (Holo), Cologne 2016, Vox Eminor, Team Dignitas (Holo) | | Katowice 2015, SK Gaming (Holo) | | Cologne 2016. This CSGO skin is 6th place on this list of most expensive CSGO skins 2018.


Chantico’s fire is from StarTrak™ technology and is the seventh most expensive CSGO skin. It can kill up to 82 persons for sure. It has a small magazine attached to it. It offers silent shots with improved accuracy.  It has vibrant hues on its skin along with a smiley face. This strong weapon is from the Chroma 3 collection. It also has a text encrypted on it says: “Protect what is yours”. It exterior qualities is field-tested, well-worn, battle-scarred, and factory new. This skin is worth $550. This CSGO skin is 7th place on this list of most expensive CSGO skins 2018.

#8 MP7 WHITEOUT (WORTH – $500)

Whiteout is a classy weapon from the Office collection. It is a factory new Mil-Spec Grade SMG. It is a versatile weapon, but the most expensive CSGO skin. It is made in Germany and is an ideal preference for the combat fields. Likewise Bulldozer, it also has a spray paint on it, but white in color. This skin is worth $500. It has a pure appearance, but is very powerful and deceiving. This CSGO skin is 8th place on this list of most expensive CSGO skins 2018.


This ninth most expensive CSGO skin is very powerful with an iconic pistol look. It can shot accurately at long distances. Its appearance looks more like an M9 Bayonet. It has a spider web motif on it and is painted in red. Desert Eagle has a glossy look too. It emits the web and is from the eSports 2014 summer’s collection. This expensive skin costs $400 and its exterior is minimal wear.


This is a label which can be put on any weapon of CS: GO. Individuals often scrape this sticker to make it look really cool. It can be rubbed a hundred times to give it a more worn look. This tenth most expensive CSGO skin sticker is introduced from The 2014 EMS One Katowice CS: GO Championship. This CSGO skin is 10th place on this list of most expensive CSGO skins 2018.

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