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Top 10 most expensive Jordans in the World

There are numerous basketball foot wears that are costly because of the names that they carry. The most expensive pair of Jordan holds the signature of Michael Jordan on it. Michael Jordan is the most outstanding basketball player of all times. “Air Jordan” is the brand of shoes that named correctly on the basketball shoes by holding a large history behind it. The most expensive air Jordan is the Flu Game Air Jordan 12. Jordans are the high-class sneakers worn by the legends after the 6th Game of 1998 NBA Finals. Below is the list of the top 10 most expensive Jordans of 2017:

10. Air Jordan III OG (Worth – $4,500):

Air Jordan III OG

In North Carolina, a famous basketball player Michael Jordan who hit the winning shot brought the championship. He was wearing Air Jordan 1 at that time, which made these most expensive pair of Jordan famous, across the globe. These leather Jordans are very comfortable with a synthetic upper material to provide ease to the wearer. It has a cushioning done with air sole. On its heels, there is a PU midsole. To have an excellent grip on the ground, this most expensive Jordan has a rubber outsole.

9. Air Jordan VI (1992 Olympics) (Worth – $7,200):

Air Jordan VI

NBA and NCAA champion, Michael Jordan is the most famous name among the sportsmen. He was an achiever of Olympic gold medal too. These shoes were worn by him during his NBA championship, and hence these Jordans are at the ninth place in the rundown of top 10 most expensive Jordans of 2017. This most expensive Jordans ever Air Jordan 4 costs $7,200 when they appeared in white carmine black color.

8. Air Jordan V (SE) (Worth – $10,000):

Air Jordan V

In 1990, Air Jordan 5 was released in the market on an inspiration taken from the World War II fighter planes. On its nose, there is a painting of an enormous mouth of the shark. They also possess a unique feature of lace locks. These Jordans were specifically customized for Jordan by his jersey, which said 23. These most expensive Jordans are worth $10,000. This most expensive Jordan ever made are one of a kind.

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout (Worth – $11,267):

Air Jordan 11 Blackout

Individuals who love to buy sneakers; they should never miss Air Jordan 11 since it is the most popular models of Air Jordan chain.  At the time of its appearance on eBay, people went crazy for these most expensive Jordans ever because of its exceptional look and functionality. These were sold for $11,267. Its price makes it more of a museum’s thing rather than the basketball court footwear. They occupy seventh place in the list of the most expensive Jordans of the world.

6. Air Jordan 10 OVO (Worth – $20,000):

 Air Jordan 10 OVO

This most expensive pair of Jordan was presented to the crew of Drake and Drake himself. OVO stands for October’s Very Own, which denotes Jordan Brand of association. This amazing pair of Air Jordans was then given to the devotee of Toronto Raptors show named “Drake Night.” Crazy fans never hesitate to purchase in exchange for a huge price of $20,000. These most expensive Jordans are quite adorable and worth its price.

5. Air Jordan 1 (1985 ASG) (Worth – $21,780):

Air Jordan 1

Famous basketball player, Michael Jordan has worn these most expensive Jordans, in the game of NBA in the year 1985. This was not the best game of his life, though, but standing against such prominent names such as Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, and Julius Erving was not an easy task. The worth of these ASG Jordans was increased by this amazing game of basketball. This pair of Jordan is worth $21,780, which is too much!

4. Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold) (Worth – $25,000):

Air Jordan 1

This pair of Air Jordan is loved by each basketball lover. Air Jordan 1 was re-launched. In 1985, this distinct Jordan footwear won millions of hearts because of its shimmering gold and black shades across Asia. Only 12 duos cost $25,000 at the time of its creation. This most expensive pair of Jordan holds the fourth position in the list of top 10 most expensive Jordans of 2017.

3. Air Jordan 2 OG (Worth – $31,000):

Air Jordan 2 OG

The auctions at eBay transformed these Air Jordans into the classic ones by selling them at an enormous amount of $31,000. Individuals went crazy for this most expensive Jordan. Although this pair was badly aged and looked in bad health, people did not hesitate to buy it. OG Air Jordan 2 collected 3rd position on the rundown of the most costly pair of Jordans.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO (Worth – $100,000):

Air Jordan 12 OVO

As it is seen on this list that each Air Jordan holds a history; therefore, Air Jordan 12 shares the same tale like Air Jordan 10. This pair is exclusively for women and is worth $100,000. This pair is quite famous because of the Drake Night.

1. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) (Worth – $104,000):

Air Jordan 12

It was introduced in the year 1997. This multi-colored (specifically red and black) pair of Air Jordan 12 signifies the fifth round of 1997 NBA Finals. In this match, the series was drawn at the score 2-2. Furthermore, MJ was suffering from severe flu at the time of this match. This seasonal flu could not create a hindrance in his victory, and he survived the match against Utah Jazz by getting 15 focuses. It is the most remarkable matches of all times. Therefore, these Air Jordans hold the first position in the list of the most expensive Jordans of the globe. This pair is worth $104,000 and is totally worth it. This pair was updated in the year 2009 again but did not meet the standard of former OGs. They have leather-like look, and they seem to be very classy. It also has a logo of Jumpman on its sides.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jordans in the World

1 Air Jordan 12 à Flu Game (Worth – $104,000)
2 Air Jordan 12 à OVO (Worth – $100,000)
3 Air Jordan 2 à OG (Worth – $31,000)
4 Air Jordan 1 à Black and Gold (Worth – $25,000)
5 Air Jordan 1 à 1985 ASG (Worth – $21,780)
6 Air Jordan 10 à OVO (Worth – $20,000)
7 Air Jordan 11 àBlack-out (Worth – $11,267)
8 Air Jordan 5 à SE (Worth – $10,000)
9 Air Jordan 4 à 1992 Olympics (Worth – $7,200)
10 Air Jordan 3 à OG (Worth – $4,500)


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