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Top 10 Most Popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Finding and catching a feral Pokemon is the game that is taking a huge fame across the globe. This is an Android game for the people who keep the great love for Pokemon. This game endorses different forms of attack to capture a Pokemon. Updated version of Pokemon Go changed the features of almost every attack. Therefore, players are not entirely aware of these features, and they find it quite difficult to select the most powerful Pokemon. Since they do not know which Pokemon is suitable for this game and which is not.

Reddit users at the Silph Road made it easier for us to overcome this challenge of knowing the most popular Pokemon of 2017. These users have paid extra efforts to decode the game’s actual logic.  Dragonite, Snorlax, Arcanine came out to be most popular Pokemon characters concerning strength. These Pokemon have Combat Points or CPs up to 3500, 3112, and 2983 respectively.

It is apparent that the readers find it annoying to go through the lengthy descriptions of the most popular Pokemon Go team. Therefore, the list of these characters is summarized to create an ease for the readers. This list will be focusing merely on the endurance, resistance, attack, critical hit rates, and optimal move sets of top 10 most popular Pokemon of 2017.

This list will be excluding those Pokemon like Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, Mewtwo, and Moltres because they have not been introduced in the game up till now. Although they are the most powerful ones in the game, they are saved for future events.

#1 Dragonite (Dragon Claw and Dragon Breath):


It tops the list with achieving the first number in the records of top 10 most popular Pokemon of 2017. It evolves from Dragon air. It uses its defense efficiently against the glass, water, fire, electric, and grass types. It has the stamina of 182. 263 and 201 are its attacks and defense powers respectively. 3500 are its maximum CPs.

#2 Snorlax (Hyper Beam and Lick):


It has an optimal move set with an insane stamina of 320. It looks very cute with its bulging tummy but is the second most popular Pokemon of the world. It also has a defense of 180 with the 180 attack too. Its utmost CP is 3112. It lives near forests and mountains. It is a sleepy head, which only wakes up for food and exercise.

#3 Arcanine (Fire Blast and Fire Fang):


Another fire type Pokemon is Arcanine, which is exactly like Exeggutor. Arcanine evolves from Growlithe. It has a defense and stamina of 180. It also possesses 230 attacks. It can stand against steel, ice, grass and bugs types. 2983 are its Combat points. It is not only the most popular Pokemon but also a very courageous one.  It can run up to 6,200 miles per day and night.

#4 Lapras (Blizzard and Frost breath):


Ice and water type Pokemon is Lapras. This is not at all the fast attacker, but their defensive expertizes are excellent. They have 186 attacks with the stamina of 260; whereas their defense is 190. It has a calm nature, which makes it the most popular Pokemon in the world. It has a 2980 CP.

#5 VAPOREON (Hydro Pump and Water Gun):


Vaporeon is a water type Pokemon. She looks sweet and beautiful, but her attacks are quite powerful and swift. It has the stamina of 260 with the offense power up to 186. Urban settings usually have Vaporean. To achieve her, 25 Eevee candies and of course luck is required.  She has a CP of 2618. Fresh lake area also has this most popular Pokemon. It also carries a Hydro Pump.

#6 EXEGGUTOR (Solar Beam and Zen Headbutt):


It is a plant-like Pokemon with the best move-set almost. It is the grass and psychic type Pokemon character. Exeggtor evolves from Exeggcute. If it is exposed to the sunlight, its head grows larger, and it has a CP of 2916. Its stamina is 190, and it can attack up to 233 rates and uses the defense of 158. It is the top 10 most popular Pokemon.

#7 Blastoise (Hydro Pump and Water Gun):


Blastoise has a shell like a tortoise and it can shoot water bullets with high accuracy. These are called waterspouts. It evolves from Wartortle. This Pokemon is not that cool like other Pokemon. It has the stamina of 158 with the Combat points up to 2291. Blastoise has the defense and attack powers of 210 and 171 respectively. In the list of most popular Pokemon, this comes on the seventh rank. It is 1.60 m long and has the type of water and hydro gun.

#8 Slowbro (Psychic and Water Gun):


Its height is 1.60 m, and it evolves from Slowpoke. It falls on the eighth number in the list of the most popular Pokemon of 2017. It has a Shellder tail of whitish blue shade. This pink colored Pokemon has a CP up to 2482. Moreover, its stamina is 190 with the defense and attack powers of 194 and 177 respectively. Since its type is water and psychic; therefore, it can swim and catches its prey easily.

#9 Gyarados (Hydro Pump and Dragon breath):


Its height is 6.5 m, and it evolves from Magikarp. It comes on the ninth number under the category of the most popular Pokemon of the world. This blue colored Pokemon has a CP up to 3281. Furthermore, it has a maximum HP up to 162. Its stamina is 190 with the defense and attack powers of 197 and 237 respectively. It is an all-rounder Pokemon, which uses high defensive techniques against a rock, water, fire, and ice attacks.

#10 Muk (Gunk Shot and Poison Gab):


Muk is on the tenth number in the list of the top 10 most popular Pokemon. It is one of the ugliest Pokemon since Generation 1. He seems like a huge mound of goo. However, this list is not focusing on the appearance. Therefore, keeping the looks aside, Muk has got great powers on the most popular Pokemon Go team. Muk is the eighth healthiest Pokemon with a ratio of 210 HP.

Top 10 Most Popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go

1 Dragonite
2 Snorlax
3 Arcanine
4 Lapras
5 Vaporean
6 Exeguttor
7 Blastoise
8 Slowbro
9 Gyarados
10 Muk
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