Multi-Year Kelly's Brook Trail Project Set to Start

A new multi-year construction project is set to begin next week on Kelly’s Brook Trail.

Starting on Monday, November 6, the first phase of construction will begin in the vicinity of Kelly’s Brook Park between Newtown Road and Guy Street.

Work will carry over into 2024 extending along Kelly’s Brook Trail between Carpasian Road and Guy Street. Future phases will see construction on sections from Guy Street to Columbus Drive, and Kings Bridge Road to Carpasian Road.

The project involves upgrading a disconnected gravel trail to a continuous paved shared-use path with lighting and improved street crossings, with an aim to improve accessibility and safety.

The refurbished trail is expected to be completed in 2025.

The trail will remain open to pedestrian traffic during construction. Portions of the trail may be diverted and/or detoured at times to facilitate construction work. Traffic delays and lane reductions are also expected throughout the project at locations where Kelly’s Brook Trail crosses City streets. These disruptions will be communicated throughout the project.

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