Officials Continue Efforts to Get Canadians to Safety Ahead of Israeli Ground Offensive

Canadians in Gaza are being warned that the situation in the occupied territory is “extremely fluid” and that efforts are underway to try to get Canadians and others out of the area through the Rafah crossing in Egypt ahead of a planned Israeli ground offensive.

Julie Sunday with Global Affairs Canada provided an update this afternoon in Ottawa.

She says the Rafah border crossing remains closed for foreign nationals trying to leave. Sunday says conditions in Gaza are extremely difficult and the Canadian government is doing everything possible to support them. She says diplomatic efforts continue to secure a window for foreign nationals to exit at the Rafah crossing, and “if and when this movement happens, it will be a significant multi-national effort.”

Sunday says they are working hard to ensure that Canadians are able to take advantage of any window.

Meanwhile, an American mother and daughter who were hostage for nearly two weeks have been released.

The release was negotiated by the Qatari government for humanitarian reasons.

Israel claims that over 200 hostages continue to be held captive by Hamas.

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