Opposition Leader Calls for Resignation of Housing Minister

PC Leader Tony Wakeham is calling for the resignation of Housing Minister Paul Pike.

That comes following a tumultuous week for Pike. Last week it came to light that the minister had misspoke about the number of new housing builds in the province, resulting in both the PCs and NDP grilling government on the issue during question period.

Since last week, despite numerous requests from media, Minister Pike has not been available for interviews.

Paul Pike

Wakeham says people have lost faith in Pike in the role.

He’s calling for the Premier “to take action” if confidence has been lost in Pike.

Speaking with media yesterday, NDP leader Jim Dinn says he doesn’t have faith in the entire government to deal with the issue.

Dinn says he doesn’t necessarily fault Pike, but he does fault Premier Furey for putting him in the portfolio. Dinn believes that Pike “obviously does not have the experience that’s needed to take this on.”

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