O'Regan Remains Mum On Mood Around Caucus Table in Regards to Carbon Tax

The MP for St. John’s South won’t say if the decision to give people who use home heating oil a three year break from the carbon tax is causing a rift in the Liberal caucus.

Provinces outside the Atlantic region have been crying foul over last week’s announcement, which Atlantic premiers, including Premier Andrew Furey had been lobbying for some time.

Other provinces want to see the same break applied to other forms of fuel heat, like natural gas – but the Prime Minister has said no.

Ottawa has long championed the highly unpopular carbon tax, citing it as an incentive for change and part of the federal government’s goal to achieve net zero emissions.

Seamus O’Regan was asked by reporters this week about the mood around the caucus table, but he wouldn’t say.

“I’m not talking about the mood around the cabinet table, no” said O’Regan “it’s frankly a career hazard if you start talking about that sort of thing.”

He says he’s willing to talk with any of the provinces expressing frustration and anger over the carbon tax, but seemed uncomfortable when asked why the federal government didn’t see the impact on low income Canadians who use home heating oil before it came into effect in July.

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