Over 900 Units Set to be Built Through $80 Million Affordable Housing Program

The results of the province’s Affordable Housing Program RFP could see around 900 new housing units developed across the province.

The province is putting up $80 million to support 91 projects, split between community and private sector housing. That’s $10 million more than the initial plan at $70 million due to interest in the RFP.

In addition to the 900 affordable units, 240 market rental homes will be built.

The program provides a forgivable loan to developers who create affordable housing units to rent at or below rates set by NL Housing Corporation.

NL Housing Minister Paul Pike says many of the proponents are ready to build as soon as they are approved.

Many of the developments selected are designed to service specific communities like seniors, Indigenous people, and those experiencing homelessness.

A full list of proposals can be found online.

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