PC's Brazil Stepping Down as MHA Next Month

Former PC Leader David Brazil has announced that he is stepping away from politics.

Brazil’s final day as an MHA will be December 29.

He says that for the first time in his career as a civil servant he will be putting his health and his family’s well-being ahead of serving the people of the province.

Brazil, who suffered a major heart attack last year, says he still has some issues that the cardiologists need him to deal with, which involves doing cardio rehab seven days a week.

As such, he says he will not be able to do his political duties justice while also taking care of his health.

Brazil, who was first elected as a member of the then-governing Tories in a by-election in December 2010, does not rule out a return to political life once his health improves.

Brazil gave an emotional “thank you” to all those who have been there for him.

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