The Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development is admitting he misspoke when describing 750 new government housing units across the province.

The CBC reported today that despite government claims that 750 homes have been built in the last two years, just 11 government-owned housing units are currently ready to be lived in.

The government claim, which has been mentioned repeatedly, was the focus of debate in the House of Assembly today.

Minister Paul Pike rose to address the issue, finally admitting that the 750 he first referenced in an interview actually had to do with the total number of spaces created in the public, not-for profit and subsidized private sectors.

“It is accurate…that there are 750 new housing options out there…that have been created across the province since 2021” Pike told the Legislature, “I misspoke.”

NDP Leader Jim Dinn asked the Premier to admit that government was lying to the public.

Dinn outlined a number of occasions when government referenced either 750 new homes or new units “currently being build” or “started” since 2021. The Premier says they meant housing options, and that the minister misspoke when he referenced new “homes.”

Meanwhile, Justice Minister John Hogan accused Jim Dinn of using unparliamentary language in categorizing the situation.

Hogan asked that Dinn withdraw the comment.

Dinn refused, saying that the issue is “way too serious, I will not retract it.”

The Speaker is now considering the matter after a review of Hansard.

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