Pike Not Concerned With Skilled Labour Shortage Ahead of Construction on New Units

The province is confident that there will be an adequate labour force to work on 91 affordable housing projects proposals.

The provincial government announced the successful applicants to their RFP for the Affordable Rental Housing program, that will see 922 new units created across the province.

Some concerns have been raised about a shortage of skilled labour, but NL Housing Minister Paul Pike doesn’t think that will be an issue.

He says many of the proponents already have workers in place, and they are also looking to tie apprenticeship programs into the projects.

Alexis Foster, Executive Officer for the Canadian Home Builders Association, says they are having trouble with labour, but their members should be able to fulfill the projects.

She says members have been sharing resources and they have been advocating for the provincial and federal governments to put a focus on bringing young people into the trades through immigration.

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