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Top 10 Best Pokemon Episodes of All Time

People are obsessed with their TV programs and series. They crave for its new episodes and try never to miss it. If they find the show interesting, nobody can stop them from admiring and watching it over and over again. Similarly, they watch their favorite episodes repeatedly with keen interests. Their selection of series depends totally on their tastes and sometimes on their moods. Some prefer romance while others are in search of animated series.

Pokemon series was one of the most watched animated series of the previous generation. Individuals who watch Pokemon episodes used to love it more, back in the early 2000s. A period between 1998 and 2002 is often called as a golden era for Pokémon series. Pokemon episodes enjoy an enormous fame across the globe. It is one of the most flourishing animated series of America and they offer Pokémon video games too.

It used to have great songs and animations formerly, but now natives often complain about its standard.  They whine about its never-ending episodes and repetitive concepts, which make them uninterested. Despite the fact that many people lost their interest in watching it, they cannot deny about adoring some of its episodes with their heart and soul.

Below is the list of Pokemon episodes that are appreciated by millions. This Pokemon list is their all-time favorite.   

#10 Mystery at the Lighthouse

Mystery at the Lighthouse

As per the reviews from the people, this 13th episode is a perfect blend of comedy, mystery, and grief. The people who watched Pokemon episodes have shown the respect towards this Pokémon episode by saying that this episode tells how to lead a life. It comes on the tenth rank in the list of top 10 best Pokemon episodes of all time since it starts with Misty, Ash, and Brock. If you are looking for a mysterious ride, do not forget to watch the Mystery at the Lighthouse!

#9 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!

 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times

This 38th episode of Pokemon is best dubbed and is liked by many. Dawn is back with a bang in this Pokémon episode. Although some people like Piplup and others just hate him. People admire this episode because of the Dawn. This is in the ninth place in the list of top 10 best episodes of Pokémon.

#8 Can’t Beat the Heat


This Pokémon episode depicts the best battle of the series and this is the episode that received 1 million views within sixteen hours, which is a big thing! As in “Can’t beat the heat” turned out to be the great trainer and also transformed into an exceptionally great person. The battle is between the Blastoise and Charizard. This battle is worth watching for the viewers. This is the 270th episode.

#7 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon

Charmeleon is evolved into Charizard in this Pokémon episode. Now Charizard comes forward to save Misty, Ash, and Brock. Charizard is all time favorite Pokémon and is the strongest of all. People love this episode especially because of Charizard. This is the 46th episode of Pokemon series. Gary is the rival of rocket team.

#6 Ash Catches a Pokémon

Ash Catches a Pokémon

This is the third episode of Pokémon Indigo League. In this Pokémon episode, Ash catches 151 Pokémon; whereas Pikachu is not included in the list since it was given to Ash. This episode is quite beautiful and it has also a good music in it. The conversation between Pikachu and Caterpie is very appreciable because it touched the heart of many.

#5 X & Y Episode 1 and 2

X & Y Episode 1 and 2

This episode has got very positive comments from the people. They love these two Pokemon episodes outstandingly. This is all about the love between Ash and Serena. These are also appreciated for its extraordinary animation and people drew towards anime all over again after watching this episode of Pokémon series. X and Y episode 1 and 2 portrayed Ash at its best. It also depicts adventure and dreams.

#4 Charizard Chills

Charizard Chills

This 104th Pokémon episode shows Lapras, who is a lovely Pokémon. Charizard is frozen in this episode and Ash then tries his best to warm him up. Charizard started loving Ash in this episode because he recalled all his trainers’ efforts for him. This is the most emotional episode and grabs viewers’ attention till the end.

#3 Gotta Catch Ya Later

Gotta Catch Ya Later

This is the 271st episode of Pokemon and is very emotional, which makes one sad. Misty sang a sweet song in this episode and it also depicts the bonding between Misty and Ash quite clearly. Dawn and Brock said goodbye in this Pokémon episode. Some also call it the saddest episode of the series. Iras and Cilan were not missed by Ash, which disturbs people a lot.

#2 Pokémon, I Choose You!

Pokémon, I Choose You

This is the 1st ever episode of the Pokémon series, which is definitely very popular and gained great respect among the viewers. In 1997, it was first released in Japan on 1st April. This episode introduced Ash as a confident and imaginative boy who was determined to fulfill his dreams. In this Pokémon episode, Pikachu did not seem to like Ash. Later, Pikachu fought harder to set aside Ash from the antagonistic birds.

#1 Island of the Giant Pokémon

Island of the Giant Pokémon

Season 1, episode 17th, this Pokémon episode is awfully funny and interesting. Subtitles increased the interest of people in watching it. In this episode team rocket and Ash along with his friends had to work together. This episode tops the list of top 10 best Pokemon episodes ever by securing 1st position. It also had moles and zap-dos Pokémon in it. In Island of the giant Pokémon, there is an island full of Pokémon owned by the team rocket.

This was the brief list of the top 10 most watched episodes of Pokemon that demonstrated the highlights of the best Pokemon episodes. These episodes offer a great combo of emotions, comedy, romance, and adventure for the viewers.

Top 10 Best Pokemon Episodes of All Time

1 Island of the Giant Pokémon
2 Pokémon, I Choose You!
3 Gotta Catch Ya Later
4 Charizard Chills
5 X & Y Episode 1 and 2
6 Ash Catches a Pokémon
7 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
8 Can’t Beat the Heat
9 Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!
10 Mystery at the Lighthouse
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