Province Has Yet to Engage in Serious Talks With Quebec on Critical Minerals

The province’s Industry Minister says they have not had much discussion with Quebec on critical minerals.

Newfoundland and Labrador has a variety of rare earth elements and critical minerals, many of them near, or on, Labrador’s boarder with Quebec.

Government this week announced $4.3 million to promote exploration as part of its Critical Mineral Plan.

Andrew Parsons says Quebec disputes the border with Labrador set by the Privy Council, but NL says it is clearly recognized. He says there’s always premier-to-premier talks, but not necessarily on the critical minerals plan.

He says NL is continuing to advocate for what we have here. In terms of conversation with Quebec, he says there hasn’t been “as much as you might think.”

He says there are other files between the two province’s getting more attention.

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