Province Introducing New Municipal Legislation for Easier Decision Making

The provincial government is moving forward with new, modernized municipal legislation that is aimed at making municipal decision-making easier.

Municipal Affairs Minister John Haggie today outlined the new legislation which is undergoing second reading in the House of Assembly.

Highlights include increased autonomy and flexibility for towns in the province, providing them with broad power to enact and enforce by-laws, and reducing the number of times where ministerial approval is needed.

If passed, the Towns and Local Service Districts Act will be used as a guide for new legislation governing the cities of Mount Pearl, Corner Brook and St. John’s.

Full list of advancements:

• Increasing autonomy and flexibility for towns, empowering them to better address current and future issues or circumstances in their local context

• Providing towns with broad powers for enacting by-laws and additional authority and flexibility for enforcing by-laws

• Reducing instances where ministerial approval is necessary

• Increasing opportunities for public oversight regarding open and closed meetings

• Eliminating or minimizing regressive tax authorities

• Increasing flexibility to generate tax revenue and providing tools for tax affordability

• Improving clarity and providing additional tools to facilitate economic development

• Modernizing language and including gender neutral language.

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