Province Sorting Out New Federal Heat Pump Subsidy

Provincial officials are wading through the enhanced federal heat pump subsidy announced last week to see how the two mesh.

West Coast MP and cabinet minister Gudie Hutchings says the maximum amount available, about $22,000 with the provincial and federal programs combined, should be enough to cover most situations that people will not have to pay out of pocket to convert their homes from oil to electricity.

The revamped program was done in conjunction with a three-year pause in the application of the carbon tax on home heating oil.

Gudie Hutchings (File Photo)

Hutchings says that should be enough time to allow people to switch to a more environmentally-friendly form of heat.

She notes that there are other federal programs as well to make a house more energy efficient with better windows and doors and the like. Hutchings says the oil conversion program is good news for everybody in that it’s basically a free heat pump with installation costs being covered as well.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Bernard Davis

Environment Minister Bernard Davis says the provincial programs will be retroactive to April 1.

Anyone who did the work and meets the qualifications should get the credit and grant back to alleviate some of the cost, says the minister. He encourages people to contact either his office or the Take Charge program offered by the two electrical utilities.

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