Trail Dates for Teens, Delays for Adult in PWC Student Attack

Tyler Greening, 18, is escorted back to jail following his initial bail hearing last month. (VOCM News)

The court case involving five teenagers accused of attempted murder and aggravated assault after an attack on a St. John’s high school student last spring continues to wind its way through the courts.

Tyler Greening is the only one of the five who can be named because at the age of 18, he’s considered an adult in the eyes of the court. The others were aged 14 to 17 at the time of the incident.

Greening’s matter was called this morning but postponed once again after the defence said it received about 3,000 pages of disclosure only this past Friday.

They requested and were granted more time to go through it all to determine how Greening wants to proceed, including how to plead and which court he wants the case to be heard in.

Greening and four others were charged following the lunchtime attack on a student outside the main entrance of Prince of Wales Collegiate on March 9.

The 16-year-old victim was rushed to hospital with with serious head injuries and continues to recover.

Greening is accused of helping someone escape and being an accessory or party to attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.

He has breached bail conditions before but is now the only one of the five not in custody.

Another of the accused, who is 16, reportedly breached his conditions last week and is back behind bars with a bail hearing this week.

Three of the teens have been charged with attempted murder and have a trial set for November 27.

Greening’s case will be called again on December 5.

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