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Top 10 Richest People In Australia

01 – Gina Rinehart

Gina Rinehart

She is the Australian mining company. According to Bloomberg News, Gina Rinehart worth is $15 Billion, and the first position in this list of richest people in Australia. She was born in Perth, Australia on February 9, 1954. She is most likely to be understood as one of the richest people in Australia and one of the richest people in the world. Gina is currently the executive chair of Hancock’s prospecting group, and she inherits from her father. She is the daughter of Lan Hancock; there is Hope Margaret Nicholas. In 2010, Rinehart bought the risk in the media company, becoming the largest investor in Fairfax Media and occupying a significant portion of Ten Network Holdings. In 2011, Rinehart crowned for the first time as Australia’s richest man, who won for consecutive reasons. According to reports, in 2012, Rinehart is the richest woman in the world, more than Christy Walton. In 2013, Rinehart was named the fourth largest tycoon in the world, by 2014 he is the sixth richest. He was known for his protest against the proposal of the Australian federal government to tax the mining sector, taking into account the increase in its scope in 1992.

02 – Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff

He is an Australian designer of residential properties. According to Bloomberg News, Harry Triguboff worth is $8.5 Billion, and the second position in this list of richest people in Australia. Mr. Triguboff is often referred to as “Soaring Harry” and is the Processing Director and President of Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd. Born in China, Harry at the Academy of Scotland in Sydney, and then at Leeds College in the UK He learned that he was doing a good job on textiles. When he returned to Australia in 1960, his education did not help much, so he did some strange works, such as driving a taxi and drinking milk in Chatswood. He built eight sets of systems in Tampa, Smith Street in 1963, and suddenly appeared, and then built 18 systems on the Murray Path in 1963. The last piece of the house provided the name “Meriton Apartment,” which recorded in 1968 From Which the Triguboff company has become the largest homebuilder in Australia, has developed 60,000 homes, usually houses and apartments.

03 – Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest

He is a mining giant in Western Australia. According to Bloomberg News, Andrew Forrest worth is $5.7 Billion, and the third position in this list of richest people in Australia. He is currently the non-executive president of Fortescue Metals Team (FMG), the world’s fourth-largest iron ore producer. He joined Fortescue in April 2003, when he was under pressure to create iron ore projects and Pilbara facilities. At that time he was the non-executive president of the company, two years later became president. After that, in August 2011, he returned to the non-executive president. In addition to this, Forrest is also the non-executive chairman of Poseidon Nickel Industry Limited and the chairman of the Australian Charitable Trust of the Australian Charity Association of Australia. Before considering these conditions, he served as Executive Director and Alternative President of the Anaconda Nickel Industry Co., Ltd (now Minara Resources Ltd), Chairman of Murrin, Chairman of the Western Australian Mining Board, Energy, Sports President of Australia, Moly Mines Limited Andrew Forrest, Chairman of the Board of Siberian Mining Co., Ltd., began his career as a graduate of the University of Western Australia after graduating from economics and political science.

04 – Frank Lowy

Frank Lowy

He is an entrepreneur in Australia and Israel. According to Bloomberg News, Frank Lowy worth is $5.6 Billion, and the fourth position in this list of richest people in Australia. He is recognized as the co-founder of Westfield Group, an Australian operator of more than 100 malls in Australia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. As early as 1952, Lowy decided to leave Israel and join him to leave Europe to enter the family of Australia. There, he met his future Hungarian immigrant partner John Sanders, who worked with him to produce Westfield Advancement. Over the next 30 years, Lowy and Saunders set up shopping centers in Australia and the United States, renaming the company name to the Westfield Team and including it in the Australian stock market in 1960. Saunders left the company in 1987, offering Actions. Lowy extends the company to New Zealand (the nineties of the twentieth century) and the British (twenties and twenties). He was named a chief executive of the 80-year-old in October 1980 and served as non-executive chairman and co-president of his brother Steven and Peter. Due to its expanded range, Lowy has been noticed in BRW Rich 200 since its first launch in 1983. In 2010, he was known as Australia’s richest man, “Lowy” wealth is estimated at 5.04 billion, “Business Review Weekly. ”

05 – Anthony Pratt

Anthony Pratt

He is an Australian entrepreneur.  He was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1960. According to Bloomberg News, Anthony Pratt worth is $4.4 Billion, and the fifth position in this list of richest people in Australia. He is the President and CEO of Pratt Industries and the Worldwide President of Visy Industries. Pratt graduated from Monash College in 1982 and joined McKinsey & Company, where he signed a joint general manager with Visy’s board of directors. In 1988, he became the substitute president of Pratt’s industry, and in 1991 moved to the United States to direct the growth of Visy in the United States. It helped Pratt Industries become the fifth largest manufacturer of corrugated boxes in the United States. In 2009 he was ranked as the richest Australian, and since then was in a position of leadership. 5. He was the third generation of the Pratt family, and since controlling the family members in 2009, three times Anthony Abuelo Leon Pratt started the business, and his father Richard is also expanding the business. His sister Heloise Waislitz and Fiona Geminder are also multi-millionaires and owners of Visy shares.

06 – John Gandel

John Gandel

He is an entrepreneur in Australia and a programmer for a residential or commercial property. According to Bloomberg News, John Gandel worth is $4 Billion, and the sixth position in this list of richest people in Australia. Although Gang Gandel got a lot of real estate from Polish immigrant parents (founder of Susan Women’s Dress), her actual range came from the shopping mall she had bought at the Mayr chain in the 1980s. Gandel contributed a significant increase in total assets Of his tycoon to investment in the health-care residential property listed. While progress in modern and real malls in Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria has been growing, BRW Rich 200 and Forbes magazine are listed as one of the ten best richest Australians. In addition to earning income, it also contributes to Jewish health, art and education. Gandel received teaching and study at Melbourne School, where he married two children. He lives with his wife Pauline in Melbourne, Victoria, where he has accumulated Japanese art.

07 – Vivek Chaand Sehgal

Vivek Chaand Sehgal

He is an Indian business owner. According to Bloomberg News, Vivek Chaand Sehgal worth is $3.7 Billion, and the seventh position in this list of richest people in Australia. Vivek Chaand Sehgal is a magnate of auto parts and is president of Sun Sum Sumi Solutions. Vivek Chaand Sehgal co-founded the Samvardhana Motherson team with his mother in 1975. The company is currently the leading manufacturer of auto parts from India as well as from the inside of the door of the material parts. I had the Stoneridge harness service. As an executive of Sumitomo Circuit Systems, Vivek Chaand Sehgal has Australian citizenship and resides in Delhi, India. He is married and has two children. Sehgal graduated from Delhi College. He is spiritual, and in fact is the temple built by some plants.

08 – Lindsay Fox

Lindsay Fox

He is an Australian businessman. According to Bloomberg News, Lindsay Fox worth is $3.2 Billion, and the eighth position in this list of richest people in Australia. Having established himself as a trucking magnate, Lindsay Fox is the owner of Linfox, Australia’s biggest privately held trucking and logistics company. What was founded with a single truck in 1956 has grown into a trucking leader in the country with 3.2 million square meters of warehousing and 5,000 vehicles across 10 countries, as well as more than 18,500 employees in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Even though Mr. Fox had a tough year in 2011, he has seen a major improvement in Linfox over the last few years. More precisely, his wealth has swelled by approximately 25% since then. Staying away from the day-to-day operations of the company, Linfox is now managed by his son Peter, who is executive chairman, and his another son, Andrew, who runs property division.

09 – James Packer

James Packer

He is a businessman in Australia. According to Bloomberg News, James Packer worth is $3 Billion, and the ninth position in this list of richest people in Australia. James Packer is the head of the current merger news company, which is a media investment company of his father. Given its ability to dominate the business in 2005, it will focus on the production of video games and the Empire of the game. James Douglas Packers was born in Sydney, Australia in September 1967. He was the boy of media mogul Kelly Parker and grandson of Frank Parker. Parker is the president of Crown Co Ltd, one of Australia’s largest entertainment and holiday groups. Crown has a market capitalization of more than $ 11 billion since the year 2014. The complex of the company will bring more than 25 million people a year. It owns a 33.7% stake in the Macao video game team, Melco-Crow. The company operates a resort in the Philippines. The Packers are the chief executive of the press, the broadcasting group, and the merged media holdings.

10 – Fiona Geminder

Fiona Geminder

She is an Australian businesswoman. According to Bloomberg News, Fiona Geminder  worth is $2.6 Billion, and the tenth position in this list of richest people in Australia. Fiona Geminder is the youngest daughter of packaging Master Richard Pratt. Reminder owns 40% of the Pact Group, which is a plastic packaging business with her husband, Raphael Geminder. The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2013. Fiona Geminder also has a role for home product packaging and recycling service with billionaire brothers Anthony Pratt and Heloise Waislitz shares of Visy. Fiona Geminder finished at Monash College. She stayed in Melbourne, Australia, married with four children.

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