RNC Make Multiple Arrests in Corner Brook

The RNC in Corner Brook responded to multiple calls on Friday.

First, a 49-year-old Corner Brook resident was arrested following a service call in the Humber Road area. The unnamed male had multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was released to appear in court at a later date.

Elsewhere, the RNC responded to a shoplifting call in the Confederation Drive area after an unnamed male was spotted fleeing a local business with merchandise. The suspect was identified by CCTV footage and the investigation is still ongoing.

Finally a 35-year-old male has been arrested for impared in the Carbiou Road area. The man, showing obvious signs of impairment, the failed a breathalyzer and was charged with refusal to comply and impaired operation of a motor vehicle, as well as driving while suspended and operating an unregistered vehicle. He was detained to be released when sober.

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